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  • Feb 1, 2012 · A gypsum board is modelled as a porous medium with a solid, a gaseous and a liquid phase.
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    Gypsum is the common name for calcium sulfate dihydrate having the chemical formula, CaSO 4.

  • q₂ = m₂s₂ΔT₂ for the object.
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  • q₃ = CΔT for the calorimeter.
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    When mixed with water gypsum dissolves and reacts with C3A to form ettringite ( 3 C a O ⋅ A l X 2 O X 3 ⋅ 3 C a S O X 4 ⋅ 32 H X 2 O ).

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  • This is called Plaster of Paris.
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    The thermal decomposition of limestone and gypsum by concentrated solar radiation was studied.

  • The gaseous and the liquid phase occupy the void space of the solid.
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