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  • the Assyrian king who besieged and conquered Samaria.
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    According to Kings 2, Shalmaneser was king of Assyria when the siege of Samaria began but does not mention who ruled the city when it was captured and its citizens deported.

  • Jehu, the usurper, submits to Assyrian suzerainty about 842, but gains only a brief advantage; for Assyria, which has been pressing Damascus, after 839 retires for a time, and gives Hazael of that kingdom opportunity to ravage most of Palestine.
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    Sargon II (722-705 B.

  • The biblical text claims the reason for the attack was that Samaria’s king, Hoshea, conspired with “So, the king of Egypt,” and as a result ceased sending tribute (2.
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    The reign of Sargon II (-723 to -702), the conqueror of Samaria and the Israelite tribes, fell in the midst of a period of great natural upheavals.

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    Nearly 20 years later, about 722 BC, the capital city, Samaria, was overtaken by the Assyrians under Shalmaneser V.

  • The Rise of Assyria 745 BC.
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    As the Assyrians created and expanded their empire, their.