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. At the extreme end of the spectrum, F1 cars idle at an astonishing 5,000 RPM.
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  • It's most easily heard at lower engine.
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  • A bad idle control valve can also lead to fluctuations in the RPMs.
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    Other times (like when it stalls) I've seen it drop to as low as 360 rpm's.

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    This vibration can cause RPM fluctuations, and it will feel like the engine has a mind of its own.

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  • The spark plugs are used to ignite the air and fuel mixture entering the combustion chamber.
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    I cleaned the throttle body, and also the mass airflow sensor, but the.

  • I sometimes notice it in lower gears at low speeds, and it happens on the highway for a couple seconds at a time pretty regularly if I'm cruising around 1,500 rpms.
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    When you accelerate, the engine RPM increases, and as you let off the gas, the RPM slowly returns to the normal idling speed.

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    Worn valve guides.